professionalism and experience at your service

The human team of Muntaneu is made up of people with a common denominator: love for the mountains. People who have also wanted to make our profession our greatest hobby.

We believe that our professionalism and experience they are a safe value for you, that you also want to get closer to the mountain and that our passion is the guarantee that you will do it and enjoy.

We invite you to know all the corners of Catalonia and Andorra accompanied by a Mountain guide professional that will help you fulfill your dreams.


Hugo Cózar Romeu

Sports Technician in High Mountain and Alpine Skiing.

Bachelor of Geological Sciences. Member of the AEGM (Spanish Association of Mountain Guides). Partner of ACNA.

Extensive experience developing and guiding trips. He practices mountaineering and skiing in all his disciplines but never leaves cycling aside, his other passion.

In his role as manager and guide, he puts all his experience and enthusiasm to explore new destinations and create new trips..

Jose Antonio Nail

Sports Technician in Medium Mountain.

Bachelor of Psychopedagogy. Member of the AEGM and of the UIMLA (Union of International Mountain Leader Associations). Bachelor of Psychopedagogy. Partner of ACNA.

Passionate about the mountain. After more than a decade working in the world of education, decided one day to dedicate himself to his great passion. He has guided trips around the world. A key piece in our organization chart.

Nª ROPEC: 037947


Medium Mountain Sports Technician (AEGM / SWIMMING POOL).

PhD in biology. Avalanche Predictor in the Aludes Center of the General Council of Aran. Partner and instructor ACNA. Partner of the CAA and instructor of Avalanche Canada. He was born in Sant Fruitós de Bages and is in Montserrat, where he made his first excursions and climbs. After graduating in biology, his doctorate led him to live in the Pyrenees and more specifically to Val d’Aran, the small and unique Atlantic valley of Occitan culture and language. It has been a few winters now that he has dedicated himself to predicting the danger of avalanches for mountaineers and users of the roads of the Val d’Aran.

It is a pleasure for her to accompany visitors to know this beautiful territory to enjoy an experience full of special and unforgettable moments.

Manu molina

High Mountain Sports Technician, Ravines, Half Mountain and Alpine Skiing.

Professional guide since summer of 2008, but in spirit I already wanted to be a mountain guide with 13 year old, when he discovered that the mountain and living adventures were within reach of where his feet took him. Mountaineering, Climbing and canyons ended up encouraging and shaping his passion for the mountains in general and the Pyrenees in particular..
The mountain is part of his life and from the 13 years of age began to enjoy it with family and friends. Calm and affable man. Transmits confidence and security. He loves his job and it shows. Good travel companion, work and adventure.

Nª ROPEC: 09732

Jordi Pola

High Mountain Sports Technician, Ravines, and Alpine Skiing.

The mountain is his passion and it has been a common denominator throughout his life and to make it his profession., a dream come true.

From the Pyrenees to the great mountain ranges, has been able to feel the force of nature at its best. He loves to share his experiences with whoever wants to accompany him, enjoying each day between rocks, snow ice or water.

Roger cararach soler

Senior Sports Technician in High Mountain and Climbing. UIAGM Guide.

Great lover of wall climbing, especially from places like Montserrat, Montrebei and Ordesa. He has climbed on great walls of the Alps such as the Freney or the Pilier d'Angle. He is also a lover of mountain skiing and has traveled many of the most emblematic routes in the Pyrenees and the Alps on skis..

Over the years 2009-2010 I am part of the Catalonia Mountaineering Technology Center (of which he is currently director) and the years 2012-2014 of Spanish Mountaineering Team.

Nª ROPEC: 05744

miriam marco

Senior sports technician in Alta Montaña. UIAGM Guide. Sports technician in alpine skiing.

Miriam's story begins when her parents put her on skis, when every summer he discovers the lakes of the Pyrenees and shortly after he runs into climbing and the feeling of emptiness hooks him without being able to avoid it.

After finishing the career as a Technical Forest Engineer, Join the young mountaineering team and then the female mountaineering team

Years later, with great experience behind him, despite his youth, reaches training as a High Mountain guide. Good work with people and knowledge of the environment allow Miriam to make everyone enjoy the great moments of the mountain, Of snow, of the rock, of ice and above all feel small in the immensity of the mountains.

Nª ROPEC: 003197


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